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AMUSEDOM is a worldwide, user-driven, language-independent, publishing network, created by artists to serve artists. A world community self–publishing network, with integrated technology formatted to meet the highest professional and technological standards and a revenue oriented business model to enable the artist to carve a career path and a future of their own.

It’s all really up to you! You need neither publisher nor permission of any kind. YOU own the rights to your own creations. In fact, you ARE the publisher. The users are your audience, and the audience is the only judge and critic. Just create, network with friends and build an audience. Amusedom provides the venue, the social network, the technology and the path to your own revenue stream. There are no technological limits to your own fame and fortune…no excuses either, you are only limited by your own talent. Amusedom is YOUR network…



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    For those of us the grew up or learn to appreciate and admire Pinup art. From the 20's to WW2 and the golden age of Pinup art to the present day. A collection of the classics like Earl moral, Gil Elvgren, Alberto Bargas, Enoch Bolles and many more...
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